Negative Forward-Progress Indicators

If you’re having a hard time, check out this concept I’m calling “negative forward-progress indicators”

This will help you keep going when the times are tough.

Here’s the idea:

When we think about achieving something big… we imagine this awesome journey of us crushing it and going up like a straight line…

But just as muscles don’t grow without breaking down first… we often will not grow without encountering some seemingly “negative” indicators.

(AKA things that suck along the way)

These are things that make you want to stop because they are “negative” or painful or boring.

But here’s the thing – these negative indicators would ONLY happen if you were making forward progress…. which is what we ultimately want.


Working Out

When you start working out…. you might NOT feel awesome and inspired with lots of energy… you might be tired, achy, with muscle soreness…

This makes you want to quit because it’s uncomfortable… BUT this is a sign of PROGRESS because you would only be achy if you worked out (which is a GREAT thing!)


When you start your business, you might get upset customers which makes you want to quit… BUT this is a sign of progress because it means you HAVE customers.

You would only have this problem if you had a growing business (which is a GREAT thing!)

New Projects

When you’re working on a project… you might get CONFUSED or BORED or FRUSTRATED which makes you want to quit… BUT this is a sign of PROGRESS because you would not experience this if you weren’t TRYING (which is a GREAT thing!)

All of these “negative” indicators are SIGNS that you’re moving forward.

It’s inevitable to encounter stuff like this along the way. In fact, it’s REQUIRED. These are actually positive signs that you’re moving in the right direction.

So… today, or this week, when you’re TRYING to accomplish something and it sucks… ask yourself is this a “negative forward-progress indicator?

If so, you can just think “hell yeah, I’m glad this sucks! Give me MORE of the suck cause I KNOW I’m making PROGRESS”

And then…

Keep going!!!


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